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Dance Instruction for School Workshops:
Seen your classes dance lately?  Whether it’s traditional ballroom or hip-hop funk, whether it’s school performance or student workshops, Brian makes dancing hip, joyous, do-able…and NEW - often with everyone’s dynamic collaboration. Flash Mob dance is IN!

Music and Song Assembly Programs:
How did we get from the calm of colonial hymns to the fireworks of rap, and detour through the big-time fun of ragtime and doo-wop along the way?  Brian has the answers … through adult concerts and lectures and school programs and workshops, all presented with doses of humor, mischief and multi-media ingenuity to spice up the game.  sh BOOM!

Piano Concerts for Adults and Seniors: 
Oh, yeah … and he sings!  Brian’s piano artistry, contagious congeniality and versatile singing make him a power-house for the varied repertoire of Hollywood, Broadway, Swing era, Tin Pan Alley and Early Rock ‘n’ Roll.  The mood flows from spirited fun to quiet reflection.  You might even hear a spectacular drum solo.  Whoa!

Check out Brian in action on
The Watch Brian Page!

Brian Gillie is a performing artist and arts educator who does it all: dancer, singer, pianist, percussionist, poet, historian and humanitarian. After three decades, tens of thousands of families, students, adults, seniors and special needs communities can attest to the success of Brian’s interactive workshops, shows and concerts.

Brian is a long-time performance-educator with Young Audiences of CT. He is a Master Teacher with the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism and professional singer and pianist. He is a graduate of Group Empowerment and Health Rhythms, fostering community and wellness through music for senior citizens in all stages of elder care; he is a frequent music volunteer for Hospice and CT Food Bank.

Brian’s Shows, Concerts, Workshops and Lectures are designed for:
Public Schools, Libraries, Parks and Recreation, Museums, Theaters, Adult Education, Hospitals, Hospice, Corporations, Art Festivals, Fairs; and for all age groups: pre-school, elementary through high school students, adults, baby boomers, seniors and special needs groups.

Brian Gillie is a talented songwriter, choreographer, musician, historian and educator who demonstrates a continued commitment to the arts.
Eileen Carpinella, Executive Director, Young Audiences of CT